Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Stanford gives away knowledge for free, Network is the computer

Did anyone see this today?

First virtual high school for the gifted

Stanford has created a prep school on the internet. For years, they have offered courses during the summer time and via the internet to students who wanted to audit a course or get additional AP credits for their impending college application. But, they have gone all out and attempted to fill the void for those who are bored with their high school offerings or non-existent high school offerings. It is especially interesting if they take it as far as some schools have done, like in Colorado, where they have created virtual high schools accessing state funding for those students. Stanford is relying on the affluent parents or supergeeks to enroll in the new service. This is just following the lead of the universities that have had elearning and distance learning programs for decades.

As we know though one of the major barriers to the successful business models is the cost of hardware needed to serve up the courses. Stanford may be able to afford this for the 12,000 per student fee. How will eCollege do it?

Maybe the answer is just in their backyard......The Network is the Computer

Globalize knowledge now.

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